“Don’t Check My Highlights: Avoiding Common Mistakes in Islam with Dr. Jaweriya”

Do not disregard my highlights. Dr. Jaweriya advises against checking my highlights. The page focuses on Allah, students, college, education, housewives, and love. It also covers Islamic quotes, work-from-home opportunities, Muslim women, exploring, and trending topics. The page offers shayari of the day, dua, online work, earning, Islamic posts, Urdu lovers, India, working women, hijab, love for Allah, Muslimah, Islamic shayari, and Ramadan.

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Why You Shouldn’t Miss My Instagram Highlights

If you’re an Instagram user, you’ve probably come across the term “highlights” at some point. They are the curated collections of stories that users can save and showcase on their profile. While many people use highlights to share their best moments or favorite memories, my Instagram highlights are something you don’t want to miss. Let me tell you why.

Allah and Islamic Quotes

One of the main highlights you’ll find on my Instagram profile revolves around Allah and Islamic quotes. As a Muslim, it’s essential for me to spread positivity, faith, and inspiration through my posts. You’ll find beautiful quotes, verses from the Quran, and reflections on various aspects of life. Whether you’re seeking motivation or a deeper understanding of Islam, this highlight will be a source of enlightenment.

Education and Work

Being a college student myself, I understand the importance of education and the challenges faced by students. In my highlights, I share tips for studying, time management, and effective learning techniques. Additionally, I provide insights into various career paths, online work opportunities, and tips for balancing work and personal life. Whether you’re a student or a working professional, you’ll find valuable information in this highlight.

Muslim Women Empowerment

Empowering Muslim women is a cause close to my heart. Through my highlights, I aim to inspire and uplift Muslim women by showcasing their achievements, stories, and struggles. You’ll find content related to working women, housewives, and entrepreneurs who are breaking barriers and making a difference. Join me in celebrating the strength and resilience of Muslim women.

Love and Dua

Love and dua (prayer) are two powerful forces that can bring immense joy and peace to our lives. In this highlight, I share heartwarming stories of love, relationships, and the importance of dua in our daily lives. Whether you’re seeking relationship advice, looking for ways to strengthen your bond with loved ones, or simply in need of some positivity, this highlight will provide you with a dose of love and inspiration.

Explore and Trending

If you enjoy discovering new things and staying up-to-date with the latest trends, this highlight is for you. I regularly curate content from various niches such as fashion, beauty, travel, and more. From fashion tips to travel guides, you’ll find a variety of engaging and informative posts in this highlight. Join me on a journey of exploration and keep up with what’s trending.

Join Me on Instagram

With so much to offer, my Instagram highlights are a treasure trove of inspiration, knowledge, and positivity. Follow me on Instagram (@dr._jaweriya) to stay connected and never miss a highlight. Let’s embark on this journey together and make a positive impact in the world.


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