“Two Men Arrested for Graffiti on Oceanwide Plaza Skyscraper in Downtown Los Angeles”

Two Men Arrested and Released for Graffiti on Unfinished Luxury Skyscraper in Downtown Los Angeles

Two men have been arrested, cited, and released in connection with graffiti that covered approximately 27 floors of an unfinished luxury skyscraper in downtown Los Angeles, according to authorities. The incident took place at the defunct Oceanwide Plaza development on South Figueroa Street, where officers from the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a vandalism call on January 30th, around 12:45 a.m.

Upon arrival, LAPD air support observed over a dozen suspects trespassing on the property and potentially spray-painting on the building. Additional patrol units were called for assistance, but all but two of the suspects managed to flee before they arrived. The two men, identified as 35-year-old Victor Daniel Ramirez and 25-year-old Roberto Perez, both residents of Los Angeles, were subsequently arrested for trespassing on private property. After being taken to the LAPD’s Central Area Station, they were issued citations and released.

The Oceanwide Plaza project, a $1 billion mixed-use retail and luxury apartments development consisting of three unfinished structures, stalled in January 2019 due to a lack of funds from the Beijing-based developer, as reported by the Los Angeles Times. Situated in the heart of the downtown Los Angeles entertainment district near Crypto.com Arena, the site has become a target for taggers, with graffiti artists reportedly traveling from out of state to leave their mark on the dormant structures. The entire expanse of the three towering, unfinished buildings has been tagged by these outlaw artists.

Despite the police being aware of the ongoing illegal artwork, the taggers have continued their work undeterred. In fact, another vandalism call was made to the construction site on February 1st, where suspects were reportedly tagging the 30th floor of the building. The suspects managed to flee the scene in a vehicle, but were eventually apprehended by the officers. The driver was cited for failure to yield to an officer, while the passenger was questioned and later released.

In response to the repeated acts of vandalism, officials from the LAPD have met with a representative of Council District 14 to discuss implementing additional security measures at the site. The LAPD has also stated that the graffiti will be removed. However, there is no information yet regarding the specific security measures or the estimated cost of removing the extensive graffiti.

As the authorities work to secure the Oceanwide Plaza development and prevent further acts of vandalism, the public will be keen to see the outcome of these efforts and whether they will be successful in preserving the integrity of the unfinished structures..

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