“Rising Incidents of Killings in Akwa Ibom: Police Inspector Osang Beheaded by Hoodlums – Palpable Tension in the State”

By Egufe Yafugborhi & Chioma Onuegbu

Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria – The residents of Akwa Ibom State capital are living in fear as a wave of killings by hoodlums continues to terrorize the area. The latest horrifying incident involved the beheading of a police inspector identified as Inspector Osang, who was attacked by a gang of over 10 individuals on Wednesday evening at around 8:30pm.

The assailants ambushed Inspector Osang as he was returning to his residence in the Afahaube and Enen Afaha areas. Shockingly, after brutally murdering the police officer, the gang did not flee the scene immediately. Witnesses reported that they casually walked away, not even in a group, leaving behind a chilling atmosphere of terror.

This is not an isolated incident. In the month of January alone, at least five people have been killed in similar gruesome manners by these hoodlums. Last week, the headless body of a woman was discovered in the Banking Layout, Udo Udoma Avenue, Uyo. Furthermore, the lifeless body of another woman was found in a refuse dump just a few days ago in Afaha Ube, Itam community.

These incidents have raised concerns among the residents, who feel that the state government and security agencies must take immediate action to address the escalating security situation. In response to the rising tensions, Akwa Ibom State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno, issued a stern warning to the perpetrators and revealed that credible intelligence suggests they are receiving support from certain individuals within the community.

Mr. Odiko MacDon, the State Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed the brutal murder of Inspector Osang and assured the public that the police are fully committed to investigating the crimes and bringing the culprits to justice. He emphasized their determination to rid the streets of criminal elements and ensure the safety of the residents.

As the investigation continues, concerned citizens are hopeful that the state government’s new security architecture, which is currently being developed, will effectively address the security challenges and restore peace and tranquility to Akwa Ibom State.


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