“Karnataka Woman Locked in Room for 12 Years Rescued by Police: Suma’s Story”

Last Updated: February 02, 2024, 17:22 IST

In a shocking incident that has come to light, an appalling case of domestic abuse has emerged from Mysuru, Karnataka. A man has allegedly kept his wife locked inside a room for a harrowing period of almost 12 years. The victim, identified as Suma, has finally been rescued by the police and is now under the care of her parents.

According to reports published in the Times of India, Suma, who is in her early thirties, had been subjected to this inhumane treatment by her husband, Sannalaiah, who works as a daily-wage laborer. While the police initially stated that she had been confined for a few weeks, Suma claims that she had been locked in the room since the day she got married to Sannalaiah, a shocking 12 years ago.

The details of her ordeal are truly distressing. Suma revealed that during her confinement, she was forced to use a small box inside the room for her basic needs. Her children, upon returning from school, would wait outside the house until their father returned from work and let them in, as their mother remained locked up at all times. Suma would then pass food to her children through a window.

“It’s been 12 years since I got married. He always locked me up in the house and tortured me. Nobody in the area would question him… My children go to school. But they remain outside until my husband comes back from work. I would give them food through the window,” Suma recounted in an interview with India Today.

It is reported that Suma is the third wife of the accused and shares two children with him. However, despite the traumatic experience she endured, the victim has chosen not to file a complaint against her husband.

This distressing incident has raised concerns about the prevalence of domestic abuse and the need for stricter laws to protect victims. Authorities are investigating the matter and taking appropriate action to ensure justice for Suma.

It is essential to address such cases of domestic violence and provide support to victims, as no one should have to endure such cruelty within the confines of their own home..

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