“Jordan Drone Attack Kills Three American Soldiers: Sgt. Rivers, Sgt. Sanders, Sgt. Moffett”

The three U.S. troops killed in drone attacks at a military base in Jordan were identified as Sgt. William Jerome Rivers (left), Spc. Breonna Alexsondria Moffett (middle) and Spc. Kennedy Ladon Sanders (right).

President Biden to Attend Dignified Transfer of Fallen Soldiers

(NewsNation) – President Joe Biden will attend a dignified transfer at Dover Air Force Base on Friday to honor the three U.S. servicemembers who were killed in an overnight assault earlier this week. The transfer of fallen troops back to the U.S. after an honorable death is one of the most solemn moments a president can experience and occurs whenever an American military member dies while serving overseas.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin will join President Biden for the transfer in Dover. It is still unknown how the U.S. military will respond to the attack, which was carried out by an Iranian-backed militant group at a base in Jordan on Sunday. The attack resulted in the deaths of the three troops and injured dozens more.

Identifying the Fallen Soldiers

The service members killed on Sunday were all from Georgia and served in the Army Reserves. They have been identified as Sgt. William Jerome Rivers of Carrollton, Sgt. Kennedy Sanders of Waycross, and Sgt. Breonna Moffett of Savannah. Sanders and Moffett were posthumously promoted to the rank of sergeant.

The Dangers Facing U.S. Military in the Middle East

The deaths of these soldiers have brought attention to the dangers facing the U.S. military in the Middle East. Since mid-October, the Pentagon has reported over 160 attacks on U.S. forces in both Iraq and Syria. This attack marks the first U.S. fatalities attributed to Iran-backed militia groups, which have been intensifying their attacks on American forces in the region.

President’s Condolences and Vow to Continue the Fight Against Terrorism

President Biden has spoken with the families of the fallen service members, expressing his condolences. At Thursday’s National Prayer Breakfast, he acknowledged the soldiers by name and vowed to never forget their sacrifice to the nation. The president will not speak during the dignified transfer, respecting the mournful ritual that has become increasingly uncommon as the U.S. withdrew from conflicts abroad.

These soldiers embodied the best of our nation, showing unwavering bravery, unflinching duty, and an unbending commitment to the safety of their fellow Americans and allies. The fight against terrorism will continue, and their sacrifice will be remembered.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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