Anti-Trans Legislation: Michigan Rep. Josh Schriver and Ohio Rep. Gary Click Discuss Strategies to Restrict Trans Rights

Online Discussion Reveals Disturbing Plans to Limit Transgender Rights

In a shocking revelation, Michigan and Ohio representatives were caught discussing strategies to advance anti-transgender policies in their respective states. These disturbing conversations took place in an online discussion, shedding light on the discriminatory intentions of these lawmakers.

Michigan Rep. Josh Schriver expressed concern about the harmful implications of allowing certain practices for individuals under 18 while denying the same for adults. He emphasized the need to consider the overall impact of such policies. Ohio Rep. Gary Click agreed, praising Schriver’s insight and offering advice to fellow Republican lawmakers on how to outlaw gender-affirming care.

These revelations are unprecedented, as legislators openly discussed their strategy to gradually erode transgender rights. Their plan involves implementing discriminatory measures step by step, starting with banning trans women from participating in sports and denying minors access to life-saving healthcare. They also aim to restrict LGBTQ+ topics from being discussed in schools, ultimately seeking to prevent all transgender individuals from receiving healthcare and force them back into the closet.

While proponents of these laws argue that they are intended to protect children, the reality is far from it. As of now, 23 states have disregarded the recommendations of major medical associations and prohibited gender-affirming healthcare for minors. This has forced desperate parents to leave their home states in search of appropriate care. However, even this option is now under threat, as Texas has recently filed lawsuits against out-of-state hospitals providing gender-affirming care, attempting to gain access to private medical records.

A recent incident in New Hampshire highlights the concerning trend of anti-transgender legislation gaining support even from Democratic representatives. House Bill 619, which prevents trans adolescents from undergoing gender-affirming bottom surgery, passed with not just Republican votes but also the support of 12 Democratic representatives. Peterborough Democrat Rep. Jonah Wheeler dismissed concerns about the bill leading to more harmful legislation, displaying a worrying level of naivety.

New Hampshire has been particularly affected by the onslaught of anti-trans bills, with 17 proposed this year alone. These bills seek to ban trans healthcare, restrict trans individuals’ participation in sports, roll back transgender nondiscrimination protections, and even force teachers to disclose students’ transgender identities to their parents. Such measures are not only discriminatory but also put transgender lives at risk.

It is essential to debunk the false narrative propagated by a small but vocal group of anti-trans lawmakers who exaggerate the prevalence of transition-related regret. Research shows that the percentage of individuals detransitioning is minimal, with external societal, family, or financial pressures being the primary reasons for doing so. The regret of cisgender individuals should not outweigh the lives and well-being of transgender individuals.

Public hearings on bills like Senate Bill 562 in New Hampshire have witnessed shocking displays of transphobia, with some individuals denying the higher suicide rates among trans people or disparaging gender-affirming surgeries. These anti-trans bills do not serve the best interests of children but rather hinder access to much-needed care. It is crucial to halt the progress of these harmful bills and protect the rights and livelihoods of transgender individuals.

This alarming situation calls for immediate action to combat misinformation, stigma, and discrimination. The fight for transgender rights is not just a matter of policy; it is a fight for the lives and well-being of an entire community.


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