Innocent Driver Killed in Stolen Car Chase: Clint Hoke Identified as Deceased Victim

Thursday afternoon in Taylorsville, North Carolina, a stolen car chase led to a devastating wreck, resulting in the death of an innocent driver and the airlifting of a passenger. According to a statement from the North Carolina Highway Patrol, the incident unfolded on N.C. Highway 16 near Fairgrounds Road.

The Victims and Suspect

The deceased victim has been identified as 62-year-old Clint Hoke. Meanwhile, the driver of the stolen vehicle, 38-year-old Tod-Jaa Dazu-Juan Tilley, is currently facing pending charges related to the incident.

The Chase

The pursuit began around 12:15 p.m. when Tilley, behind the wheel of a stolen 2019 Toyota Camry, failed to stop for lights and sirens. Ignoring the attempts to pull him over, Tilley recklessly continued southbound along the freeway, initiating a harrowing chase that lasted less than two minutes and covered approximately 1.5 miles.

The Fatal Collision

The chase came to a devastating end when Tilley’s stolen Camry collided with the driver’s side of Hoke’s Honda Pilot, resulting in Hoke’s immediate death. The impact was so severe that emergency services were forced to airlift the passenger of Hoke’s vehicle to Atrium Health Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte for urgent medical attention.

Escaping the Flames

Following the collision, the stolen Camry burst into flames, posing an additional danger to both Tilley and emergency responders. Fortunately, Tilley was pulled to safety before sustaining any life-threatening injuries. However, he was promptly transported to a local hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

Traffic Disruptions and Ongoing Investigation

In the aftermath of this tragic incident, the highway was closed for several hours to facilitate a thorough on-scene investigation. Authorities are tirelessly working to piece together the events leading up to the collision and understand the circumstances surrounding the stolen car chase.

Taylorsville, a tranquil town in Alexander County, has been left in shock and mourning as a result of this senseless tragedy. The local community is coming together to offer support and condolences to the family and friends of Clint Hoke, whose life was tragically cut short due to the dangerous actions of a suspect.


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