Delicious Tárkonyos Csirkeraguleves Recipe: A flavorful chicken soup with a mix of vegetables and herbs, including tarragon and lemon. Perfect for lunch or dinner. Try this healthy and tasty recipe today!

Enjoy a delicious and nutritious Tárkonyos csirkeraguleves (chicken ragout soup) with this easy recipe. Made with chicken breast, onions, garlic, carrots, mushrooms, and peas, this soup is packed with flavor and vitamins. Sauté the onions and garlic in a large pot, then add the chicken and cook until white. Add water, seasonings, and the rest of the vegetables (excluding mushrooms and peas). Once the vegetables are tender, add the mushrooms, peas, cream, and lemon juice. Serve hot and garnish with fresh tarragon. This versatile soup pairs well with a light and fluffy túrós palacsinta (cottage cheese pancake). Enjoy this satisfying and comforting dish for lunch or dinner.

Tárkonyos csirkeraguleves

Nekem a kedvenc levesem… Szeretem mert bármi jól áll mellé másodiknak. Én most egy könnyedebb túrós palacsintát választottam.

500g csirkemellfilé
1 db vöröshagyma
3 gerezd fokhagyma
4 db sárgarépa
2-3db fehérrépa
1db karalábé
1db zellergumó
300g gomba
300g zöldborsó
Fűszerek: só, bors, 1.cs. petrezselyemzöld, tárkony , 1db citrom
200g főzőtejszín
Kevés olaj

Egy nagy lábosban kevés olajon megdinszteljük a vöröshagymát, fokhagymát. Hozzáadjuk a húst, és fehéredésig pirítjuk. Felöntjük vízzel, fűszerezzük, hozzáadjuk a többi zöldséget a gomba és a zöldborsó kivételével. Mikor már megpuhultak a zöldségek, hozzáadjuk a gombát, borsót, tejszínt, legvégén a citromot. Kész is!

Én jó sok tárkonnyal szeretem!

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Are you looking for a flavorful and satisfying soup recipe that can be paired with any main course? Look no further than Tárkonyos Csirkeraguleves, a Hungarian chicken soup infused with the aromatic flavors of tarragon and lemon. This soup is not only delicious but also incredibly versatile, making it a perfect choice for any meal of the day. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner in the kitchen, this recipe is sure to impress!

The Ingredients You’ll Need

To make Tárkonyos Csirkeraguleves, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 500g chicken breast fillets
  • 1 red onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 4 carrots
  • 2-3 white turnips
  • 1 kohlrabi
  • 1 celery root
  • 300g mushrooms
  • 300g green peas
  • Seasonings: salt, pepper, 1 bunch of parsley, tarragon, 1 lemon
  • 200g cooking cream
  • A small amount of oil for cooking

Preparing the Soup

To start, heat a small amount of oil in a large pot and sauté the red onion and garlic until they become fragrant. Then, add the chicken breast fillets and cook until they turn white. Next, pour in water, season with salt, pepper, and add the rest of the vegetables, except for the mushrooms and green peas. Allow the vegetables to cook until they become tender.

Once the vegetables are tender, add the mushrooms and green peas to the pot. Stir in the cooking cream and squeeze the juice of one lemon into the soup. Let the flavors meld together for a few minutes, and your Tárkonyos Csirkeraguleves is ready to be served!

Add Your Personal Touch

One of the great things about Tárkonyos Csirkeraguleves is that you can customize it to your liking. If you’re a fan of tarragon, like me, feel free to add a generous amount to enhance the flavor. You can also adjust the amount of lemon juice to suit your taste preferences. Experiment with different herbs and spices to make this soup truly your own.

Enjoy Tárkonyos Csirkeraguleves Any Time

Tárkonyos Csirkeraguleves is a versatile soup that can be enjoyed for any meal of the day. Serve it as a light lunch or dinner option, or pair it with your favorite main course for a more filling meal. This soup is not only delicious but also packed with nutrients from the fresh vegetables and lean chicken. It’s a perfect choice for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

So why not give Tárkonyos Csirkeraguleves a try? With its aromatic flavors and versatility, it’s sure to become a favorite in your household. Whether you’re cooking for yourself or entertaining guests, this soup is a winner. Enjoy the comforting warmth and delicious taste of this Hungarian classic!

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