“Three Italians Identified as Victims of Northern Escape Heli-Skiing Crash in Terrace, B.C.”

By J. Chess

In a tragic turn of events north of Terrace, British Columbia, a heli-skiing accident claimed the lives of three people last Monday. The bodies have now been recovered, according to John Forrest, the president of Northern Escape Heli-Skiing.

Rescue Operation Led by RCMP and Terrace Search and Rescue

The recovery operation was spearheaded by the Royal Canadian Mounted police (RCMP) in conjunction with Terrace Search and Rescue. The challenging weather conditions initially hampered the rescue efforts, as mentioned by Dave Jephson, the manager of Terrace Search and Rescue.

Victims Identified as Italian Nationals

The unfortunate victims of this accident, which occurred on January 22, were three Italian nationals. The importance of retrieving their remains from the mountainous terrain was not lost on Forrest, who expressed his empathy for the grieving families in an official statement.

A Time of Mourning and Solidarity

Forrest’s statement highlighted the immense grief engulfing the company and everyone involved in this tragic incident. His condolences were extended to all those affected and their loved ones. In addition to the three fatalities, another four people suffered significant injuries in the crash.

Four Survivors Hospitalised

Following the crash, one of the passengers managed to alert the heli-skiing company using a radio. This initiated a swift rescue operation, with two other helicopters in the vicinity joining the effort. The survivors were immediately transported to a local hospital, from where they were moved to another facility in B.C. for advanced medical care.

Investigation Underway

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada has dispatched a team of investigators to the crash site. The helicopter involved in the incident was part of the fleet of Skyline Helicopters, a company based in Kelowna.

Skyline Helicopters Pledges Support

Last week, the president of Skyline Helicopters, Teri Northcott, issued a statement expressing profound grief over the crash. She reassured the public that the company would provide support in any way possible and would cooperate fully with the RCMP and other authorities throughout the investigation.

About the Location

Terrace, British Columbia, where the accident took place, is a renowned location for heli-skiing enthusiasts. The region’s mountainous terrain and pristine snow conditions attract thrill-seekers from around the globe, making safety precautions of utmost importance in this high-risk sport.


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