Lydia Coloma Identified as 100th Victim of Devastating Maui Wildfire, Death Toll Hits Grim Milestone

By J. Chess

January 27, 2024 | 11:47am

The wildfire that wreaked havoc on the Hawaiian island of Maui over the summer has claimed its 100th victim, according to authorities. Lydia Coloma, a 70-year-old Filipina, was identified as the latest victim of this catastrophic event. Initially, Coloma was among the individuals listed as missing, which has since been reduced to a mere handful.

Unforgettable Disaster in Lahaina

The wildfire, which started on August 8, caused extensive damage to the city of Lahaina, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii. The rapid spread of the fire, driven by powerful winds, caught many residents off guard. Some had to flee their homes in haste, leaving their vehicles behind, and sought shelter in the ocean as their homes were reduced to ashes.

Challenges in Victim Identification

The process of identifying human remains amidst the charred debris and ashes has been a daunting task. It often necessitates DNA samples from living relatives of those listed as missing. The death toll from the wildfire initially rose above 100, then decreased to 97 in September. However, as more victims succumbed to their injuries and new bodies were discovered, the count has once more reached the tragic mark of 100.

Investigation into Government Response

The wildfire is considered the deadliest in the United States in over a hundred years. The government’s response, currently under investigation, has faced severe criticism. The apparent failure of warning sirens to alert residents about the impending danger has been a major point of contention.

Legal Action in the Wake of Devastation

In the aftermath of the disaster, the Maui County government is bringing legal action against Hawaii’s electricity company. The lawsuit alleges that the massive destruction could have been averted if the power lines had been shut off promptly.

Lydia Coloma: A Life Remembered

Coloma, the latest identified victim, was a 70-year-old Filipina with a warm heart and a zest for life. Her loss has brought the total death toll to a somber milestone, reminding us of the individual lives impacted by this vast tragedy. Even as we mourn her passing, we must remember the strength and resilience of the Hawaiian community in the face of this devastating event.


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