Investigation Continues into Homicide of Christina Chatlos, Barre Resident, Found Shot Dead in St. Johnsbury, Vermont

By J. Chess

Homicide in St. Johnsbury: A Local Woman’s Untimely death

In a disturbing development from St. Johnsbury, Vermont, local authorities have reported the unexpected death of a woman, who was a resident of both Barre and Williamstown. The Vermont State police have confirmed this tragic incident happened on January 23rd, when the woman was found lifeless in her vehicle that was parked in a local lot.

Details about the Incident

The victim was discovered in a slumped position inside her car, which bore multiple bullet holes. An autopsy subsequently identified her as 38-year-old Christina Chatlos. The cause of death was revealed to be a gunshot wound to the torso, leading the police to classify this case as a homicide.

Profile of Christina Chatlos

Christina Chatlos, a beloved member of the communities in both Barre and Williamstown, was known for her kind spirit and resilience. The 38-year-old’s sudden and violent demise has sent shockwaves through both towns, leaving residents mourning and seeking answers.

Police Investigation and Community Response

Despite the alarming circumstances of Chatlos’ death, the Vermont State Police have reassured the community that this appears to be an isolated incident and that there is no immediate threat to public safety. The investigation into the specifics of Chatlos’ untimely death continues in earnest.

Local authorities are urging anyone with information related to this incident to assist in the investigation. They can do so by contacting the St. Johnsbury police barracks directly at 802-748-3111. Alternatively, tips can be submitted anonymously via the Vermont State Police website at

A Call for Justice

As the communities of Barre and Williamstown grapple with this tragic loss, there is a collective call for justice for Chatlos. While the police are doing their part, community members are urged to come forward with any information that could assist in bringing Christina’s killer to justice.


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