Chilliwack Man Anthony Hetzel Remembered as Loving Father and Husband

An accident involving a snowplow in Abbotsford resulted in the tragic death of a man from Chilliwack, leaving his family and friends in utter disbelief. When the event occurred, Anthony Hetzel, who was 31 years old, was traveling on North Parallel Road early Thursday morning. He abandoned his car around six in the morning after a pickup truck with a snowplow hit it, and it became stuck in a snowy ditch.

Meagan McManus, who has known Hetzel for a very long time, expressed her affection for him and emphasized his role as a devoted husband and father. As a father, he was completely and utterly dedicated. The affection that he had for his son was immense. McManus said, “He was the brightest spot in his life.” She noted that Hetzel was the glue that kept their pals together and that everyone loved him very much, without exception.

According to McManus, as soon as Hetzel entered a room, he immediately became the center of attention due to his contagious smile and laugh. As someone who always made sure that others had what they required, even when he didn’t have much to give, she described him as someone who was always there for them. Family members, including his wife Ashley and their son Fox, who is one and a half years old, are left behind to deal with life without him.

According to McManus, Ashley, characterized as a courageous and powerful woman, is doing everything she can to keep her composure for the sake of their young son. To ensure that Fox knows what an outstanding father Hetzel was, friends and relatives have committed to ensuring this occurs. “That’s going to be our responsibility, to help make sure Fox knows what his daddy was like, and we are going to make sure we are there for them,” McManus said with emotion.

When the accident occurred, Hetzel, an electrician, was on his way to a job-related training session. He was the only person in his family who brought in money, highlighting the financial difficulties they are currently experiencing. McManus has initiated a fundraising effort to assist Hetzel’s son and widow at this trying time.

In the aftermath of the collision, which occurred when it was still dark outside, the authorities think snow and adverse weather conditions played a part. The individual driving the car involved in the collision remained at the scene of the accident and is providing complete cooperation to the Abbotsford police, who are continuing their investigation.

The untimely passing of Anthony Hetzel has created a vacuum in the lives of those who were fortunate enough to have known and loved him. We shall never forget him as a kind parent, husband, and friend. His memory will be treasured.

Sources: CTV News.

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