Remembering Ravil Gabbassov: Father Identified as Victim of Fatal Coquihalla Highway Crash

The identity of the individual who tragically lost his life in a vehicular accident on the Coquihalla Highway on Monday has been confirmed. The victim, Ravil Gabbassov, was a beloved community member and staunch supporter of the New Westminster Minor Hockey Association.

The Ill-Fated Incident

The unfortunate incident occurred on Highway 5, approximately 45 kilometers south of Merritt. Gabbassov and his son were both involved in the crash involving a pickup truck and a semi-truck. While his son was fortunate to escape with minor injuries, Gabbassov was not so lucky. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are currently investigating the exact cause of the fatal collision.

Weather conditions on the Coquihalla Highway

The Coquihalla Highway was under a winter storm warning on the day of the accident. The treacherous weather conditions could have contributed to the fatal incident, making the highway risky for drivers. This main artery through the mountains is frequently exposed to severe winter weather, making it a challenging drive during such conditions.

Community in Mourning

News of Gabbassov’s demise has sent shockwaves through the community, particularly within the New Westminster Minor Hockey Association. “I was devastated,” said the association’s president, Justin Bourne. “It hits close to home. We all travel to games and tournaments. Most of us have traveled that road before, and hearing something like that makes you realize it could happen to any of us.”

Financial Aid for the Bereaved Family

In the wake of this tragedy, a GoFundMe page has been established to provide financial support to the bereaved family during this challenging time. The fundraising effort is a testament to the community’s eagerness to rally behind the Gabbassov family in their hour of need.

As the RCMP continues to probe into the exact cause of the unfortunate incident, drivers are reminded to exercise extreme caution when driving in severe weather conditions. This tragic incident is a stark reminder of the potential perils faced by motorists on roads like the Coquihalla Highway.



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